Hot-System was founded in 2007. Since the beginning of our operation, we have been supplying components for fireplace industry.

At the moment, we are a business partner of the most reputable manufacturers in the sector of complete parts and maintenance of fireplaces that are resistant to high temperatures.

In 2014, we added thermal insulation materials to our range, among them are: mats, boards, ceramic and glass cords for the production of, for example, central heating boilers, chimneys, which are widely used in industry. We have also added pump packing to our range.

In 2016, we decided to become more competitive and started providing packaging with our own brand and the customer's brand for high-temperature silicones, fireplace sealants, ceramic adhesives and repair kits for sealing fireplace doors.

In our range of products, you will find items for the wholesale and professional market.

The mission of our company is stable, dynamic and expansive development aimed at increasing the competitiveness of our customers since we offer them the highest quality products and reliable service.

Many small things have become great, only thanks to the right advertising.

Mark Twain